Apr 11, 2014

Bird's Eye View: Celebration of Mexico at UK Libraries

Bird's Eye View: Celebration of Mexico at UK Libraries: Blossoms of Fire Black Velvet Visit the atrium of the William T. Young Library or lobby of the Science Library and you will see a space...

Dec 12, 2013

Animal Prints

art for housewives post on animal prints:

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Jul 29, 2013

The Cyclades.

Map of Cyclades Islands

Cycladic and modern art + Constantin Brancusi + Modigliani and Cycladic art +

Early Cycladic Art and Culture + The use and meaning of Cycladic figurines + Delos

 +  Delos: (Oracle Centre - The 'Floating Island')) + Column with Phallus at the Stoivadeion + postcards from Delos

Delos +