Jun 21, 2001

I just got an email informing me that another one of my free website providers will be shutting down. This is the fifth one in 2 months.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose. Nothing ain't worth nothing but it's free.
Me and my Bobby McGee.

Eleonora was here the other day. For her birthday. Chiara and I had lunch with her at The Bruschetteria. Eleonora makes us laugh. She's a kind of Perfect Wife and Mother. But sometimes she gets burned out on being perfect. That's when she's funny.
One morning last year she walked into her kitchen and, for the millionth time, found that her husband and kids had left it a wreck. She said to herself: I can't deal with this anymore, wrote a note and walked out the door. The note said: the crumbs are here but I'm not.
She came to stay with us in Rome armed with credit cards and liberatory intentions. Eleonora didn't call home to let her family know where she was. Instead she was with us walking around Rome buying clothes, taking taxis, and going out to lunch where someone other than herself had to worry about clearing off the table. It was great fun. Then, having exhausted both credit cards and anger, she got on a train and went back home. Her husband covered her with apologies and made several rash promises. The kids cleaned the house and smiled alot. This went on for a couple of weeks and then it was all like before. Kinda like a diet--just because you lose a few pounds doesn't mean that you can't gain them back again.


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