Jun 1, 2001


In Greek the word eikastikos means "represent".
A representation is an idea. A likeness. But likeness is not sameness. Thus the likeness itself produces a reality of its own. The copy becomes an original.
Representation reflects attitude. And our attitude towards reality determines our Daily Aesthetics.

some examples:

She came to visit the first year I was in Italy. It was a disaster. Weathered.
She wrote a bunch of postcatds and asked me to mail them for her after she left.
I read them. Highly edited. She left out all the horrible stuff and wrote only the good. And in a good way. From the postcards you'd think that she'd had a wonderful time.
Aesthetics is a matter of selection.

If you don't see it, it doesn't exist.
Three weeks in Corfu. With a sketchbook. I would sit on the beach and draw for hours. And even after all these year, I look at the drawings and remember everything that they represent.
Somehow with fotos it's just not the same. Maybe it's because the camera does the looking for you.

French provencial. For her it'd meant elegance and good taste. She'd read that Marie Antoinette had had a gold tub. Not being able to afford one herself, she spray painted hers. Only the gold eventually turned green. And so did her bottom everytime she took a bath.
Taste. It can't be copied.

Photo albums. Carefully constructed memories. Preserving the past in such a way as to influence our future.
Weddings and proms and vacations. We don't fotograph ourselves when we're hungry or sick or dying.
What we select to represent is what we select to remember.

When partial becomes total.
I bought a bunch of used paperbacks at a flea market including Zola's NANA. I read it with interest and didn't want to stop. Only I had to. The last page was missing.
The only thing I remember about the book is the part I haven't read.


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