Jun 8, 2001

A quote from Synthetic Zero, my favorite weblog:

My dad likes to prepare. So do I. I can spend hours, days, weeks, months, just arranging things. I am always so happy when a situation arises when, due to my incredible foresight, I've managed to set up in advance just the thing to get us out of the predicament. Stuck car? I've got a come-along in the trunk of my AWD Subaru. Hiking in the desert, but someone left the keys in the car, and we're miles from civilization? Got that spare key tucked away in my wallet. Unlike most people, I love disasters and crises. I love them because it's always so clear what you have to do (you have to jump into action) and it's a reason to move. When a crisis hits, when I'm in an unfamiliar situation, when most people might be panicking, I get really, really calm, and almost happy. I just start doing what I have to do.
But life isn't as difficult as it used to be; warriors aren't as needed. I have got to learn to adapt, to motivate myself even in the absence of a pressing need. There are subtler currents that I can ride, these are in some sense almost the same currents that the samurai also rode, but they're less bloody, less pressing, finer, quieter, but no less crucial to life.


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