Jul 27, 2001

from LA REPUBBLICA on-line
"Neonazi violence to discredit anti-G8 movement. Right wing extremists
wanted to infiltrate between the White Overalls and attack the police",
titles the web edition of the most sold Italian newspaper.

The report, dating back to early July, is meant to give general
"informations about the anti-G8 protest", but is very detailed when it
comes to describe the right-wing scenario. The document openly refers to
three groups active on the italian far right: Forza Nuova, Fronte
Nazionale and Comunita' politica d'avanguardia. "In particular, 25-30
hardcore activists of Forza Nuova from Turin intend to infiltrate
themselves between the White Overalls groups and hide in the anti-G8
demonstrators. This group [i.e. the fascists], armed with knives and other
blades, aims to hit the members of police in order to discredit the whole
left-wing opposition to G8."


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