Jul 27, 2001

- The Genova's Police Headquarter foresaw nazi infiltrations

An internal report of Genoa Police Department, days before the riots,
highlighted a possible nazi presence in the anti-G8 movement. Gavino
Angius, one of the leaders of the Left Democrats (DS), showed yesterday a
reserved document in the Senate Hall, asking for an immediate response
from the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The Genoa daily newspaper "Il Secolo XIX" published yesterday a
confidential document from Genoa Police Department, describing some
scenarios for the forthcoming G8 summit, along with a brief analysis of
the different composition and tactics of demonstrators) during the G8.
According to the report, the police, days before the demonstrations, was
well aware that neofascist and neonazi groups were planning to infiltrate
the demonstrators. Angius showed the document in the Parliament asking for
an immediate answer from the Minister of Internal Affairs Claudio Scajola.


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