Jul 27, 2001

Massimo D'Alema, leader of the Left Democrats
(DS), denounced yesterday in the Parliament the violences and the abuses
labelling them as "fascist" (a strong term, rarely used by the moderated
left), and accused the Government to refuse the Commission, enforcing the
suspects of a direct involvement with the abuses. On the other side, the
Minister of Interior, Claudio Scajola, continues to deny any abuse, to
defend the police operate and accuse the opposition to cover
ideologically, if not materially, the street riots and devastations. The
situation of the wall against wall, risks to bring the country on the edge
of an irreversible shift. It's important that all the democrats,
especially EU citizens, keep their eyes well open and make pressure on
their Governments, for the institution of a parliament commission of
enquiry and for a clear resolution of the Italian "G8 affaire".


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