Jul 27, 2001


- The lager of Bolzaneto

Yesterday, in an interview published by the newspaper "La Repubblica", a
policemen - who asked to the journalist to remain anonymous - described
the abuses committed in the prison of Bolzaneto and added some particulars
that throw a frightening light on the whole story. The policemen said that
on Monday the 16th, a special squad of the prison police (Gom), reached
the prison of Bolzaneto and transformed the part destined to the G8
demonstrators, into a "lager". The Gom (Mobile Operative Group) was
created in 1997 and it is currently guided by an ex general of the Sisde
(secret service). According to the report, the group was author of an
astonishing series of abuses, which dramatically confirms the stories
narrated by the victims: the people were beaten up immediately after
leaving the police van. Then, they were lined up and their heads were
beaten against the walls; some were falling and pissed over, some others
beaten if they weren't singing fascist songs. One witness, a freelance
photographer, named Alfonso De Munno, who was "deported" in Bolzaneto on
Saturday afternoon (now he has a broken foot, and other contusions)
learned the song very well: "un, due, tre viva Pinochet, quattro cinque
sei a morte gli ebrei, sette otto nove, il negretto non commuove" (one,
two, three, viva Pinochet, five, sixth, seven, death to the Jews, eight,
nine, ten, the nigger isn't touching). Both the anonymous policemen and
other witnesses said the women were threaten of rape, with the police
sticks. No one was allowed to go to the toilet. The smell of piss and shit
was nauseating. The policemen tried to talk to some colleagues, wondering
if all of this, was necessary or legitimate. The answer was: "don't worry,
we are covered".


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