Jul 20, 2001

Still G8 and Genova.
I'm listening to Bob Dylan while checking out my IMC site.....an animated email describing how a protestor spent the evening "bonding and scheming." Sounds like fun.
Yesterday a group of Greeks arrived at Ancona via ferryboat and, in a very unpleasant way, were not permitted to disembark. They were guilty of nothing and extremely pacific. But the Berlusconi commanded government has decided that "order" has priority over civil rights.
And what about the European Community gig? Italy wants to be in it when it's convienient but when it's not, pulls out.
Was it legal for the carabinieri to force the Greeks back onto the ferry and return home? It's as if I, a Texan, tried to cross the border into New Mexico and was told I couldn't because I was a defender of civil rights. As if Texas and New Mexico were not part of the same country and I was entering New Mexico as a foreigner.


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