Jul 20, 2001

Today Carlo Giuliani died.

In order to "protect" G8 heads of state from protestors, the city of Genova has been turned into a war zone. The city is full of military and tanks and road blocks. The area where the G8 summit is being held, the Red Zone, has been entirely shut off from the rest of the city via huge metal gratings. Only the G8 approved can have access to the area. Even citizens of the town who've lived there even before G8 even existed have difficulties coming & going to their own homes.
A high element of tension has been created. People have barracaded themselves in their homes. Save for the protestors and the police, the streets are desserted. "Security" has turned Genova into a ghost town.

After Berlusconi's victory, I lived a period of Moral Depression. I felt that I was constantly surrounded by bigots. That people were more into surface than depth. Then G8. Thousands of people from all over the world came to protest against the arrogance of the elite. They came to remind us all that the poor are part of the plant too. They came to manifest solidarity for those who don't eat on a daily basis, who die of AIDS in masses. They came, too, to remind us that our planet is dying and that we must do something to save it. They came, to my relief, to show the world that A COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS still exists.

The Disobedient.
The large part of the demonstrators have repetedly declared that they came to protest pacifically. Civil disobedience. However, there's a group of so called anarchists, the Black Bloc that have invaded the demonstration with their violence and destruction. While on the streets, several protestors asked the carabinieri to stop the Black Blocsters. But the carabinieri did nothing. It seems that they preferred to use their energy against the The Disobedient. (some claim that the carabinieri had infiltrated the Black Blocsters)

On Emilo Fede's TV news, an email was sent by a carabinieri thanking the demonstrators for having saved his life. He was being viciously attacked by a Black Blocster when a group of disobedients came to protect him.

Carlo Giuliani.
Carlo was part of the anti-G8 demonstrators in Genova. While protesting, he tried to throw a fire extinguisher at a carabinieri inside a jeep. The carabinieri responded by shooting Carlo in the head. Killing him wasn't enough. The carabinieri had to run over him twice before driving off. Soon afterwards, another carabinieri accused a demonstrator of being responsible for Carlo's death. He ran after the demonstrator yelling "ASSASINO, ASSASINO" when the real murderer was one of his colleagues.
Carlo's dead, unidentified body laid there on the street for over an hour. The world probably would not have known who the real assassin was had it not been for a series of photos taken by a Reuters journalist clearly showing the carabinieri's gun pointed at Carlo.
The carabinieri and the Berlusconian AN head Fini now claim that Carlo was shot in self-defense. So why did the carabinieri have to run over Carlo twice. So why did the carabinieri drive off. So why didn't the carabinieri call an ambulance. So why didn't the carabinieri present himself as responsible for Carlo's death.

I would like to thank the Italian INDEPENDENT MEDIA CENTER for having given me information hours before it was forced out of the Berlusconi owned TV media. As for the RAI (the state owned TV), well, they spent so much time before the summit showing us how many meters of cable and optic fiber they had as well as cameras and journalists to cover the summit. And yet, they too, gave me and other citizens information hours after I'd already gotten it from IMC.

give peace a chance
When I was in high school I, along with my friends, protested against the destruction of nature and of mankind. I, too, was a part of society. So if I criticized society, I criticized myself. Therefore I, too, had to participate in the process of change. I, like my friends, did not suffer from inertia and/or depression. Now I'm older and look at youth in a nonyouthful way. I, like many my age, have criticized the young for apparently being whiny and indifferent. So the G8 protestors offered me a kind of revival--the idea that together we can change the world in a positive way. It made me happy to see on TV all those young people on the streets of Genova demonstrating. That is, until I saw the body of Carlo Giuliani lying there on the street.

I have a son. Sergio. He's 19. When I saw, on TV, Carlo lying on the street, I immediately thought of Sergio. What if it had been my son? NO I don't even want to think about it. I've spent the entire evening crying for Carlo Giuliani. And for his mother. No, I've probably been crying for myself. Crying because...well I don't even want to say it.

I feel so sorry for the mother of Carlo Giuliani.


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