Aug 27, 2001

A day in Athens.

That morning we'd gone to the Museum of Archeology. Sergio had to see everything! The museum was so hot. No air conditioning. Just fans in front of the guard's chairs.

So much to see...major possibility of suffering from an attack of Stendhal's Syndrome. After the museum, Sergio just had to buy an OTE card so he could call Valentina. Then, once love was pacified, the long walk to Plaka. Sergio wanted to show us the bench that he'd slept on last year. But instead, we went to a taverna and ate gyros and tzaziki and drank lots of retsina. At the table next to us was a group of musicians playing retbetiko.

The the long HOT walk up the hill to the Acropolis.
It was incredibly hot and we drank a liter of water on the way up. But once on top of the hill, there was a constant light wind. It made sense to be up high.

An american girl read her guidebook outloud. A group of friends listened. And so did I.

The Temple of Athena Nike.
This is a small ,elegant Ionian monument built on a bastion on the Southwest side of the Rock of the Acropolis.The temple must have been built between 427-424 B.C. and Kallikrates is mentioned as its architect.
The religious statue of the Nike, with its cut-off wings, was housed in the nave , which was fashioned into a crypt by three steps.That is why Pausanias said in the 2nd century A.D. that the temple was dedicated to the Wingless Victoty (Nike = Victory)

Eavesdropping on culture.


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