Sep 11, 2001

Black is my favorite color.

A couple of weeks ago I started reading James Ellroy's WHITE JAZZ. I read 20 pages, put it down and read three other books. Now I've pick it up again, have read 10 more pages but am ready to put it down again. Why is it that I'm having so much difficulty getting into Critically Acclaimed? I love crime novels ( Agatha is and always will be my favorite). But Ellroy's crime for me doesn't pay. He's too cynical and has a way of trying to turn everyone into a criminal except for The Bad Guy.

Dark Places.
When Ellroy was ten, he mother was mysteriously murdered. Then, at 46, he tried to discover why. Somewhere inbetween, though, it seems as if he tried to be one of the squalid characters that he writes about. Maybe because grief--and anger-- can make one do strange things.
Eventually Ellroy wrote about his mother's death and turned it into money (murdered women are worth more money dead than they are alive). He writes about love as if can only be somekind of erotic thriller.

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