Sep 17, 2001

Jihads and margheritas.
Chiara finally came home again. A late breakfast and then to Feltrinelli's for books re: Isalm...circumstances demand that we update ourselves. Then to Campo dei Fiore for a Margherita at the American bar, Sloppy Sam's. We pulled our books out of the cellophane bag and began leafing thru them. Our waitress came to take our order. She spoke half in English, half in Italian. So I asked her where she came from. Israel, she said. And I wondered if she was offended by seeing all that Muslim literature spread out on our table. Last week I wouldn't have even taken it into consideration. But this week's events have changed me. Am I being paranoid or just overly sensitive. To overcome my awkwardness, I left an excessive tip.

Owning a book doesn't mean that your've read it.


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