Sep 14, 2001

His god just won’t leave us alone.

Some researchers say that there's a connection between your brain and God and that religion appears to serve two major functions. It is a system of self-maintenance and a system of self-transcendence. Since both of these functions bear directly on human survival and adaptability, the neuropsychological mechanisms that underlie religious experience appear to have become thoroughly ingrained in human development. “The human brain has been genetically wired to encourage religious beliefs.” and The absorption of the self into something larger [is] not the result of emotional fabrication or wishful thinking,”

Using a SPECT (special brain-imaging machine) on a monk in the midst of meditation, Andrew Newberg of the University of Pennsylvania has found that the top rear portion of the human brain where sensory data is interwoven ceases to be activated during meditation. This hints at a full inward concentration, with the subject deletes sensory input from outside.


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