Sep 10, 2001

Reading in restaurants.

My stepmother use to scream at me for doing it. Taking books to the dinner table. I couldn't understand why. It'd seemed like such a normal thing to do. Besides, reading was alot easier than trying to have a conversation with her. Unfortunately, that incident kind of scar'd me(the childhood that always follows you around syndrome). And now, sitting in a Chinese restaurant off Campo dei Fiore 35 years later, alone, I hesitate to take out the paperback I have in my purse. So I take out, instead, my little spiral notebook. As if writing at the table is okay but reading is not.

writing about me helps me be more me she said as she wrote

I see that there's been some controversy as to the validity of maintaining weblogs if you're not capable of being a James Joyce Online. What a silly consideration to make. If only the talented had permission to express themselves then there'd be alot of silence in this world. A kind of elitist dictatorship. And what would the elitists write about other than themselves if no one else was communicating.

Oh I say Stupid Stuff all the time. Not because (necessarily) I'm stupid. It's just that my content is better than my form and/or that sometimes being me is easier than expressing me.

draw: she stop't eating once she was full

Fried fruit.


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