Sep 10, 2001

Still reading.

And now I've finished Martha Grimes' THE STARGAZEY...November. In a bleak month, a bleak Richard Jury takes an aimless ride on one of London's doubledeckers. His attention is caught by a woman "with hair so gossamer-pale you could see the moon through it," wearing a fur coat, boarding his bus in front of a pub called the Stargazey.Her behavior intrigues him, as she leaves, reboards, and leaves the bus again. Jury follows her ....

The chararacter I like the most was Diane Demorney, the new horoscope columnist for the local newspaper. Diane has a geometric haircut, wears only white, and adores martinis. She knows nothing about astrology and writes horoscopes as if they were art reviews or decriptions of Milkyway emergencies. Sooner or later she'll end your horospcope with this advice: GET A LIFE.


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