Sep 2, 2001

Sunday morning.
A walk to Trastevere for the newspaper and then to the Museo di Roma in Trastevere. The museum has, as part of its permanent collection, Scene Romane...many paintings and installations representing daily life in Rome during the 1800s.
I went for the Eisenstaedt (fotografie 1927-1980) exhibition. Eisenstaedt, or "Eisie" as he was known to his friends, is considered the father of photojournalism. He was born in Germany but migrated to the States in 1898 and eventually began a long collaboration with LIFE magazine.
To be able to capture the right moment, you just had to wait for it,claims Eisenstaedt. It was patience and not technique that produced a good photograph. Alot of the photos at this exhibition were taken during World War II. It showed that Hitler and Mussolini ate well and that Nazis had good posture and clean nails.
Some people look better in stills than they do in motion.


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