Sep 6, 2001

Van Gogh's ear.

Whenever Pierluigi and I have an argument, I always accuse him of listening to me Only Half Way. Of course he denies this but the other day I found an article that proves that I'm listen to women with only half a brain!
In this study, brain scans showed that men use only the left half of their brain while listening whereas women use both halves. Listening resulted in increased blood flow in the left temporal lobes of the men’s brains. In women, both temporal lobes showed activity. Male brains are physically distinct from female brains in several ways. The most obvious difference occurs where the two halves of the brain - the left and right hemispheres - communicate with each other through a large bundle of nerves that is known as the corpus callosum.

Men listen to details. Women listen to global significance.
This left or right interpretation of the brain became popular during the 1960s. The left hemisphere is verbal and analytic, while that of the right is nonverbal and global.

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draw: she introduced one half of his brain to the other


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