Sep 24, 2001


Three suggestions on weapons to use against Bin Laden:

1. money....aside from blocking all of his bank assets, we should immediately bomb his poppy fields. Not only would this help to wipe him out economically, it would also help present another kind of terrorism. Drug addiction.

2. psychology....three kamakazes spent their last night on this planet getting drunk in a strip-joint--with their copy of the Koran, of course. Sex, drugs and rock'n roll are powerful weapons especially if you've been accustomed to living in desolation. And, during World War II, pornography was often used in terms of psychological warfare. It could be even a more effective weapon if used against men who're use to having their women wrapped up like mummies.
And look what happened to the American Indians when alcohol was introduced into their culture. By the way, I thought Muslims were not suppose to drink alcohol. So what were they doing in a bar?

3. disintegration....create even more factions within these terrorist groups creating feelings of paranoia so that they betray because their afraid of being betrayed. Like alot of these Mafia "pentiti."


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