Nov 11, 2001

Sunday morning.

The helicopters are still buzzing above us.

Yesterday two manifestations here in Rome. One, the Anti-global against the war. Two, Berlusconi's Pro-American.

Italian premier's bribery acquittal upheld...
Italy's top criminal court has upheld the acquittal of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on charges he bribed tax officials.The appeals court in May 2000 had thrown out a bribery conviction against Mr Berlusconi, who was then Italy's conservative opposition leader, giving the media magnate a victory in one of the most serious of the corruption and financial cases against him.
Mr Berlusconi had been accused of bribing officials checking the books of some of his companies.

Politicians are to strip at a public festival to promote tourism in Italy.

'Living without mobile phones can cause impotence' Italian researchers have found depriving owners of their mobile phones can cause sexual problems. Seven in 10 said they "could not live without the device", while a quarter said it knocked their confidence and led to sexual problems with partners.Some of the other effects reported included loss of appetite and depression.

An Italian man complained to police on his mobile when a prostitute told him he'd taken too long to have sex.
The prostitute told the 30-year-old from Pederobba he'd used up his 20 minutes.
He complained that he had already paid her and that he hadn't finished. Police charged him with indecent exposure.
According to La Tribuna di Treviso the prostitute told him she "didn't have that much time to devote to every customer".

Scientists say having an intense sex life can cause severe headaches.German neurologists say people who rush sex are most likely to suffer serious head pains at orgasm.
Their research suggests people should avoid "quickies" and allow sexual tension to build slowly.

Most Italians lighten their day at work by flirting and having erotic fantasies about colleagues, according to a new survey.
More than a fifth of those questioned said the flirty behaviour had ended in having sex with a colleague.
Seven out of 10 Italians indulge in flirtatious behaviour and sexual innuendo to get through the day, the survey of 1,000 men and women by the Italian Gestalt Psychotherapy Foundation showed.
They said flirting, innuendo, and even sexual relationships, with their colleagues is the perfect antidote to boring days at the office.

Six out of ten couples split up because of poor sex, according to an Italian sexologist.
He says a poll of 1,500 Italians also found lying about sex can seriously affect a couple's relationship.
And he claims people can be pushed into lying by being asked questions such as "Do you still like me?"

Researchers say Italian women are just too tired for sex - and macho men are to blame.
Polling institute Ipsa said women spend eight hours a day working and then have to do the housework. Their husbands help in the house for only 15 minutes a day on average.
Their hectic schedule leaves them with less than an hour for love-making every 15 days, Ipsa says.
The study lays the blame on their macho partners as they leave the housework to their wives. Italian husbands do less housework than any husbands in Europe.

Italian sexologists discovered one-in-three self-employed men or managers suffer from a lack of sexual desire and 64% have problems getting an effective erection.....The team found unemployed people and students are instead less likely to suffer from sexual probelms.

House music causes temporary impotence, Italian researchers claim.Psychologist Willy Pasini told the News 2000 website: "The strong rhythmic component, and the almost total lack of melody do not inspire sexual thoughts in one's mind."
The researchers claim house music cause "mental impotence" because it doesn't leave room in the brain for sexual desire.

A young woman claims her breasts have grown by three cup sizes after she started drinking cappuccino.
Lucy Puttick drank up to a dozen of the coffees a day to take her mind off food while she was on a diet.
The 19 year-old barmaid from South London has lost half a stone, and says her bra size has gone from a 34A to 34D.


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