May 22, 2002

art related
All work shown at The Bird Machine has been created by professional artists. --Margaret Kilgallen's experiences as a librarian and bookbinder contribute to her encyclopedic knowledge of signs drawn from American folk tradition, printmaking, and letterpress. -- Barry McGee, a San rancisco-based artist also known by his street tagger alias "Twist"-- Mark Ryden-- suggestive, but not overt. her work is sexual but not tryin to seduce. gems, to be sure. i only wish there was ever more. rita, what can a fella do?--camille rose garcia--FECAL FACE DOT COM 2002 --tiffany bozic art--burning brush art auctions--J started in 1998 and for over 4 years has remained the source for the San Francisco graffiti movement (via e. reilly) ---KRKryden--SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD--BOSKO ART Gallery --the clayton brothers--joel nakamura--merry karnowsky gallery-- puss in boots--CLICK ON THUMBNAIL IMAGE TO ENLARGE--we have a problem--mimi kersting art gallery--upper playground gallery--Tiki News is a fanzine created --haines gallery


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