Jun 13, 2002

fashion mags
I adore fashion magazines. They’re so full of useful information. Like the following:

Heartattacks are the number one cause of death in Western countries. They are, in part, caused by Mechanical Stress and Toxic Stimulants. But the biggest risk factor comes from emotions. Bad ones.
Aspirin and antibiotics are useful in the prevention of heart problems. But the best prevention coms from A Good Relationship.

There’s a direct relationship between taste preferences and personality. “Salty” types are energetic, assertive, rational and automomous. “Sweet” types are dependent, need to be protected, often depressed and introverted.

Break The Boredom. Take your man (or woman) on City Park Picnic with a basket full of food like eggplant omelettes flavored with ginger and mini-meatball sandwiches.

Fresh oregano, according to food chemists, prevents aging (I keep it growing it my kitchen window!).

Women, because of their hormonal structure, are more sensitive to smell.

Walking every day and drinking lots of water keeps you healthy.

900 people die every hour due to hunger.

The senses have their own logic. That’s why it’s possible that they must re-educated.

Zazen is, basically, the study of the self. It suggests, to destress ourselves, that we sit on a cushion in front of a blank wall, eyes wide opened. We should sit there for 15 minutes just breathing naturally. In silence.

Panchang, instead, is the art of doing the right thing at the right time. Since time is not all the same, we must learn to distinguish it’s different types. You know, there’s a time and a place for every thing.

William Bates, optometrist, claims that memory and immagination influence our visual capacities. This means that we can train our eye to see better.

A couple who spends one week-end doing breathing exercises together will help their rapport because, via compatible breathing, they will synchronize their rhythms.

Breathing patterns are repeated successions of inhaling and exhaling. --What is the importance of breathwork?--optimal breathing--Learn "Natural Breathing" to Reduce Stress--Authentic Breathing Resources--The need for breathing assistance --Restrictive breathing patterns support subconscious defense mechanisms to "stuff down" unpleasant emotions. --Breathwork (breathing exercises and techniques) can unleash powerful forces and energies within the mind and body, and can accelerate healing on any level (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, social)


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