Jul 1, 2002

writing before it rains
Yesterday Chiara and I went to see the William Klein exhibition at Palazzo delle Esposizioni. The photos were all taken in Paris and indicate that Klein divides his time inbetween hardcore street life and Vita Mondana. His photos in no way manifest that he had once studied with Fernand Leger. Chiara liked the show because she likes anything that has to do with Paris. But to me the photos seemed, for the most part, cheaply enlarged tokenistic statements. I enjoyed much more the photos by Manuel Alvarez Bravo that were exhibited in the small space next to the museum's coffee shop. The quiet aesthetics of these black and white photos of Mexico during the 1930's show how form, too, is content.

Today Chiara leaves for Tuscany and will stay there for a month. I don't know if it's wise for a mother to think of her daughter as her best friend but I do. And I will miss her!

Chiara in Rome

Wm Klein--William Klein: Hard-Edged Artist Warms to 'Messiah' --William Klein was a sculptor who grew up in New York and went to work in Fernand Leger's Paris studio. --william klein biography--The Photographs of William Klein --William Klein got his big break in photography by being a sculptor and turning down a job as assistant art director on USA Vogue! --And in my own admittedly partial opinion, William Klein is a genius. --Witty, sarcastic, angry, insightful William Klein can be all of these things. --Photokina 1963 voted William Klein one of the 30 most important photographers --Manuel Alvarez Bravo --Manuel Alvarez Bravo (b. 1902) has long been recognized as one of the foremost figures in the history of photography --A self-taught photographer, Manuel Alvarez Bravo purchased his first camera at age twenty while working at a government job. --Manuel Alvarez Bravo, born in 1902, was an adolescent living on the outskirts of Mexico City when the Mexican revolution (1910–1920) reached its zenith--The most renowned photographer in the history of Latin America, Manuel Alvarez Bravo is the cornerstone of this art in Mexico--Between the hands of Manuel Alvarez Bravo, his camera, his brain , is endowed of a magical power that allowes to catch images born at every moment. --Although his formal education was nominal, Alvarez Bravo's voracity for reading and the visual arts exercised itself early on.--Bravo portrays and presents these women's bodies --There are many Manuel Alvarez Bravos.

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