Aug 15, 2002

well on my towards becoming a cream puff

We are leaving for Vienna so I will not be posting for awhile.

A VIENNESE GAUDI': HUNDERTWASSER.--Friedensreich Hundertwasser--Hundertwasser is one of the most important artists to emerge on the international scene since World War II--The Hundertwasser Stamp Resource--Stamps designed by:Friedensreich Hundertwasser--Friedensreich Hundertwasser [1928–2000], born in Vienna in 1928--The Koru Flag was gifted to New Zealand in 1983 by internationally known artist, architect and environmentalist Friedensreich 'Frederick' Hundertwasser in appreciation of becoming a New Zealand Livecam --poetry by Friedensreich Hundertwasser--Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Architecture in Vienna--Hundertwasser believes that man should live more in harmony with nature. --hundertwasserhaus--"Straight lines are utterly alien to human beings, to life, and to the whole of creation". Friedensreich Hundertwasser--Hundertwasser died at the age of 71--Friedensreich HUNDERTWASSER--Interview with Hundertwasser--art history and context for Hundertwasser. --‘Regentag’ was the name Hundertwasser gave to his boat as he always loved rainy weather. --better known as Hundertwasser (German: hundred water)--Hundertwasser, Friedensreich--Friedensreich Hundertwasser--Friedensreich Hundertwasser, (Friedrich Stowasser)--F. Hundertwasser: survival or suicide -- the Hundertwasser House (on Löwengasee/Kegelgasse)--Hundertwasser became involved with architecture because he criticised it-- some say that houss consist of wall--HUNDERTWASSER [CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE]--Hundertwasser toilets--He took the name Hundertwasser in 1949, translating the syllable 'sto' (which means 'hundred' in Czech) by the German 'hundert'.--Friedensreich Hundertwasser -- "An ecologist without creative consciousness is bound to fail as much as an artist who will not bow to the laws of nature and who refuses to take nature as his yardstick." Hundertwasser


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