Sep 4, 2002

self-portrait on a pink background

My last day in Aix-in-Provence was dedicated to Cezanne.
Chiara and I went to see the house where he died, the cafe where he hung out, the apartment where he ate dinner with his mother, the place where he painted. Cezanne, like me, was a Capricorn. He was able to obtain a bacclaureate degree but unable to pass the entrance exams of the Ecole des Beaux Arts. But, being a Capricorn, he painted anyway,. For 20 years he submitted his paintings to the Salon and for 20 years they were rejected. So, being a Capricorn, he rejected rejection and just stopped submitting them.

Cezanne was born in Aix but for awhile lived in Paris. Apparently the two were not
compatible because Cezanne returned, definitely, to Aix. And here he began his obsessive study of The Mont Sainte-Victoire like Courbet's obsessive study of the Les falaises d'Etretat. I can make anything mine by painting it.
In 1902, Cezanne settled into his last atelier, the Lauves workshop, and worked there everday until his death. Whenever the eather was good, he'd go into the garden and paint on "objects motifs." If it was cold, he'd paint inside painting over and over again familiar objects which became models for his still-life paintings. Here, in this studio, he also painted the last "Grandes
For many years Cezanne and Emile Zola were best of friends (they met in school). Both lived in Aix and both shared a love for poetry and for nature. Eventually Zola
moved to Paris and for years the two exchanged letters. Then Zola became an art critic and no longer defended Cezanne's work. Not only. Once a famous novelist, Zola wrote l'Oeuvre, creating the character of the artist Claude Lantier, an artistictic failure and a character blatantly based on Cezanne. Cezanne was obviously offended and the two never spoke
to one another again.

Common Motifs--David
Bohm, Paul Cezanne and Creativity--Space and the Body--Three Motifsin Picasso's Work --Cézanne who thought little of Van Gogh's painting--a scrupulously observed motif typifies Cézanne's painting--Bread and Eggs-- Distilling the Landscape--Paul Cezanne-- Much of the origination of Cubism came from interest in the works of Paul
Cezanne --One artist who wanted to go beyond Impressionism was Paul Cezanne--by artists such as Cezanne --one sees Cezanne's motifs scarcely without looking for them--The House with the Cracked Walls--Cézanne restricted his palette to four main colors--violet, green, ocher, and blue


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