Sep 17, 2002

waiting to bloom
After a difficult summer, I'm ready to start all over again. First of all, a big Buon Giorno to Susan! You know, I'm jealous of your deck. I adore Modified Nature with An Aesthetic Touch. And look at this Wierd Garden. After Johannesburg, Recycled will be a great trend. Even in terms of decorating. Like making stuff for the house with Crocheted Plastic Bags (via dangerous chunky). But Recycled Emotions have a future, too. Like turning suffering and pain into great Wall Art.
Blues can be decorative.
Sometimes art is criminally simple. But that does not mean that it's not art. Sometimes all you have to do is look around and cLICK--you make art. Like found objects and readymades. Recognition is a form of creativity. So I'm with My Daughter's Dog sitting in this garden at Piazza Cairoli (where the gypsies nap at noon) with my Hundertwasser book from Vienna. cLICKing away.
People like to put garden dwarfs inside their gardens under plants and small trees, under flowers in a kind of little hill, and they put something else next to them, sometimes a small animal or a rabbit or other statues of figures in sagas, old fairy tales. It looks like an altar. It is very similar to the corner where they have the crucifix, Jesus hanging there, or in the Orient they have Buddha somewhere. The only this is, it is in the garden.
Garden dwarfs have substituted the fertility god, Priapus, the fornicator of dirt.
Dirt. It gives life (via plants) and death (via germs).
To misplace dirt makes it visible. Hundertwasser
Where's your dirt? she asked

Others of interest: the rainbow house-- "Built of industrial waste and thrown-away items, the Rock Garden in the city of Chandigarh is perhaps the world's most poignant and salient statement of the possibility of finding beauty in the unexpected and accidental."-- La MAISON SCULPTEE se trouve en Bretagne, pays de bois et d'eau ( Armor, pays de la mer et Arcoat, pays de bois) où les sculpteurs d'ossuaires, de fontaines, de calvaires et de rochers, ont laiss leurs abondantes marques sur tout le territoire-- the coral castle--for Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village. This folk art environment is the single handed work of self taught senior citizen Tressa "Grandma " Prisbrey. --Topiary, gardens too good to be true--Fantasy Gardening-- This is my sign-"GARDEN OF EDEN"- I could hear so many, as they go by, sing out, "What is this?" Now they can read it, stop or go on, Just as they please. -S.P. Dinsmoor--From 1948 until 1964 retired lumberjack Fred Smith spent most of his time building sculpture throughout his property south of Phillips, in the heart of Wisconsin's north woods. He created over 250 sculptures of concrete, embellished with glass and other materials, and called his environment the Wisconsin Concrete Park. --love on the wall--Something Strange in the Garden --Artists are special. Different. That is at least part of how they end up being artists in the first place. In the foreword to Artists in Their Gardens--Virginia Woolf and British Gardens--inside out Natural Tree Furniture--Howard Finster's Paradise Garden--welcome home--wonderful creatures in the garden--A Small Urban Garden --Folly gardens nurture both soil and soul --- Animals made out of recycled garden tools--the black forest garden gallery--Recycled Garden Resources --Garish Gardens Outlandish Lawns--The Folly and gardens of Fingals are full of quiet corners and you never know when an unexpected work of art might pop up. --sunken gardens in my hometown--Bruce Burris' garden clearly has his personal stamp. Instead of flowers, there are hand-lettered wooden signs and posters hung on the plank fence, a bicycle wheel and part of a set of bedsprings. --Below are photos of just some of the works of art that are located in the Texas Sculpture Garden.--At Roumens in the Haute-Garonne region, the garden of Rene Escaffre resembles a village square where the townspeople gather after the day's work. The milkman, the butcher, the farmer, the postman, the blacksmith, the woman who stuffs the goose (to make foie gras), the shepherd, the woman at the well, and the mason -- all stand beside each other, as if time has stopped. --Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden--"Concrete Ideas" --Kenny Hill paid bills by working as a brick layer. He started working on this folk art world in Chauvin, Louisiana around 1989. In January 2000, after an disagreement with his landlord, Kenny abruptly left the site. When visitors discovered his absence they found a hand painted message from the artist: HELL IS HERE, WELCOME.


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