Oct 4, 2002

The book showcases over 400 examples of contemporary stencilled works from across the globe, their innovation and vitality achieved with new materials, methods and approaches.--lindsay patrick--design museum--resource for artists--laura holder--Shirin Kouladjie (aka. S.M.Moalie) 0/5hirin--6 fingers--Small things, they stored in Band-Aid boxes. Stuff like nails, washers, bolts...anything that could possibly be reused--86 onions--A Picture A Week--tHE idea that painting is dead is more passé than ever, judging from the medium's dominance in New York City's commercial galleries this weekend. Perhaps it is taking its revenge on museums that have been mostly otherwise engaged this season. --art bitch--a room without walls art resources--Welcome to the online portfolio of A.J. Garces, an illustrator from Austin, Texas, who specializes in forties looking .retro illustration --photocollage by barry kite--acamonchi: guerra....--N A I L S --acne--the museum for african art--C U R R E N T A S C I P R O J E C T S --The Art of Japan--Traditional Chinese Paper Arts--china avant-garde--Galleries of coloured alchemical emblems--dada art virtual gallery--Skin Deep brings together a fascinating range of objects to illuminate the development and diversity of tattooing over the past two hundred years.


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