Oct 9, 2002

NOTAN: The Dark/Light Principle of Design....NOTAN, the interaction between light and dark, negative space and positive shape, or background and subject, in design. These opposites do not conflict, but complement each other, they relate in harmony.

Oftentimes we consider the “thing” we are painting more important than its backround. The function of Notan in design is to integrate both elements so they form an artistic whole. --order a book about notan--Notan was a term lifted from the study of Japanese design by Arthur Dow. A book written for art educators using Notan as a major concept was popular in the early 1900's and influenced artists and teachers like Georgia O'keffee. Notan refers to the careful balance of Black and white (positive/negative) in a design. --Japanese Foundation of Dow's Notan--books at the notan press--black and white--This body of collage is notan. --Notan was Rudi's passion. Notan is the Japanese word for balance between dark and light, background and foreground, Yin and Yang, harmony between two forces to be powerfully wrestled with and finally accepted. --The principle of Notan as it relates to design is defined as the interaction between positive (light) and negative (dark) space. --The first edition of 'Composition' based instruction on the mastery of the elements of line and "notan." Color was only barely mentioned as a third element. Notan was a term borrowed from Japanese arts to describe value, or dark and light. --notan--Misty Where the River Turns--Arthur Wesley Dow and American Arts & Crafts--Please select a thumbnail below. --Color Theory and Architecture--Suiseki-The Invisible Art

ARTHUR WESLEY DOW AND AMERICAN ARTS & CRAFTS--Artist: D: ARTHUR WESLEY DOW--Dow, Arthur Wesley --woodblock print by dow--Arthur Wesley Dow--Arthur Wesley Dow, American, 1857–1922 Salt Marsh about 1904 photograph, cyanotype --Image ---a book about dow's photos-- When Arthur Wesley Dow died in 1922, he was called a great teacher. He had the knack for showing artists how to translate the poetry of nature into exquisite designs. --another book to buy Composition: A Series of Exercises in Art Structure for the Use of Students and Teachers --video clip Dr. Burton discusses Arthur Wesley Dow's philosophy and influence at Teachers College, namely how he shaped excellence in the program in art education and produced some exceptional students. --The counselor’s research revealed the artist to be Arthur Wesley Dow, a well-regarded American artist whose works have been exhibited at the Smithsonian and have hung in museums.


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