Oct 17, 2002

still in bloom
I'd like to have a garden. I'd like to get down on my knees and dig in the dirt. Put seeds in the ground, water them and watch them grow. But I don't have a garden. So I buy books about bulbs and shrubs and imagine the smell of honeysuckle under my nose. Subliminal sniffs.
I do my planting elsewhere. Like in the kitchen window. On a piece of paper. And in his heart.
Be here now.
My boyfriend's out-of-town. He's in Milan so I'll be sleeping alone. No flowers in my bed tonight. Bruce Springsteens's on TV. He's singing about an empty bed, too. Yeah, we have something in common. Like Born in the USA.
Years ago when I was still married and living in Tuscany, Jennifer and I went out drinking one evening. Came home really animated. We put Bruce on and began our own version of "Live". My ex was not impressed. Didn't matter. I was busy dealing with my ying and my yang. You know, when you live in a foreign country, there's a part of yourself that you're forced to repress. And sooner or later it has to come out. Especially for someone from Texas.
After so many years here, though, the "foreign" of the countries has been inversed. No, not inversed but multiplied. I'm foreign here and now I'm foreign there.

As for my ex, even weeds grow.

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