Oct 11, 2002

yinging and yanging it
I look in the mirror and what do I see? Sometimes it's her and sometimes it's me.
Today it was her so I know that my ying is crunching in on my yang. Luckily I found this article about How To Read Your Face via Palace Chime via Traveller's Diagram.
The starting principles of face reading are the cosmic energies of the five elements and yin and yang. The elements are symbols and represent qualities of energy within each person which are reflected in the face. An elaborate physical, psychological and emotional profile can be built up, incorporating the energies of the features, the ‘life points’ of the face, the three divisions from top to bottom (forehead, midface and lower face) which show the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems and the facial zones which represent the internal organs.

chinese face reading: Face Reading for Health Diagnosis and Self Knowledge--What Your Face Reveals, Chinese Secrets of Face Reading by Henry B. Lin. 218pgs of secrets of how to read faces and there meanings.--Face Fortunes : The Ancient Chinese Art of Feature Reading --ORIENTAL FACE READING BY JON SANDIFER --Face reading has a long history and its astonishing accuracy continues to impress today. --Serena's Guide to Face Reading--What is Face Reading?
face recognition: The Face Recognition Home Page --Prosopagnosia-- FACE BLIND-- FACE BLIND-- People with face blindness (also called prosopagnosia) have a difficult time identifying people.
Ying Yang: The meaning of Yin-Yang--Ying and Ying must be in balance --The Center of the Yin and the Yang-- Ying-Yang Body Dots--the ancient Chinese taoist philosophy of the interdependence of all things--Yin-Yang and the Five Elements--Traditional Medicine in Chinese Societies--Yin and Yang in Medical Theory--Yin and Yang Links


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