Nov 26, 2002

in and out

Feeling like a tide today...sometimes I'm high, sometimes I'm low.
One of the best descriptions I've ever read regarding The Making of A Tide was in Michel Tournier's CELEBRATIONS. He describes how one of his professors had placed a tablecloth on a table saying “This is not a tide” while pulling the tablecloth from one end of the table to another. “A tide is this” he had said while pinching the tablecloth in the very center and pulling it up. In this way, the flux and reflux (appearance and disappearance), occur simultaenously....the hand that lifts the water/tablecloth represents the moon that acts as a magnet pulling the water up creating a low tide then letting it go like a hot potato thus creating a high tide.
A rug of waves.
Calvino's PALOMAR. He stood on the edge of the sea and watched A Wave. He tried, somehow, to limit his perception to a single wave separating one wave from another. Waves may look the same. But they are not.
Selecting a wave to observe is not difficult The difficulty comes from the limited length of duration. Like shutter speeds, quickness blurs.
Bigger brains need less time. Thus smaller ones need more.
Ebb and flow...reading a wave and riding a wave.
cLICK HERe for some WAVE related links
Foto of a wave by Kuo-Chang Chi— via portage
what's important is not the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean, he said


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