Nov 25, 2002

still dissecting

For a few years I taught Anatomia Artistica at the Accademia di Belle Arti (Milan, Rome and Florence) and for this reason have collected so much information regarding the human body not only in terms of bones & muscles, but also in terms of the body's use in art (ex. Body Art) as well as the rapport mind & body.
Go here for a list of anatomy related links.
Obesity is changing human shape.....The abundance of food in affluent societies is presenting the human species with one of its greatest evolutionary challenges....Many nations now record more than 20% of their population as clinically obese and well over half the population as overweight. The situation is now so dire that in some cases, as an American obesity expert recently predicted, parents are likely to outlive their grossly fat children.
"What usually happens with evolution is that it's an imperceptibly slow process, an organism can change to meet small changes in its niche.
"What's happening now is that we've changed the environment that we live in in an incredibly short time - one generation or perhaps two generations at most, and this has challenged our ancient metabolism, which for thousands of generations has been geared to fighting famine."


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