Dec 10, 2002

just a simple greeting
It's raining in Rome. Has been off and on now for about two weeks. Both my shoes and brain are totally soaked.
The Christmas decorations are up everywhere except in my home. I will do my typical last minute gig mainly because I'm lazy and the thought of putting up the tree immediately leads me to the thought of having to take it down.
I liked Christmas more when the kids were small. We use to go looking for dumped refrigertor boxes that we'd take home, paint green and cover with recycled decorations...stuff like those little film boxes wrapped with wrapping paper from the previous year. One year we were so impressed with our efforts that we drug the mattress from my bed into the livingroom so that we could all lay down together and watched the tree lights blink on and off. On and off. On and off. Hypnotic like some kind of meditation. Then the "tree" fell on us and the kids laughed and squealed like little pigs.
It's been several years now that we no longer use boxes for trees having, instead, A Real Artifical One. You know, the decor kind. Mixed & matched papier-mâché and straw ornaments. Trendy.
For me, Christmas is for kids. I will always remember those Christmas mornings when I'd wake up and hear the kids scream out "Grazie Babbo Natale, grazie!" (Thank you Santa, thank you!)--I'm getting tears in my eyes just thinking about it. With my children, I learned the feeling of Christmas. And the minute they outgrew Santa, I outgrew Christmas. You know, the thrill is gone.
Oh, if this sounds depressing, I apoglogize because it's not meant to be. It's just, in an indirect way, a reflection on the meaning of Christmas. Besides, the real reason I'm writing here today is to give my greetings to all my friends out there and to give them A Slighly Rash Promise of getting in touch before the holidays. But as many of you know by now, I am the queen of good intentions and an expert in procrastination.
So does anyone want to go with me to Piazza Navona to buy nativity figures?

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