Jan 24, 2003

still trying to wake up
Susan, you might be interested in this for your plate collection...Bubbles' Big Bite Ceramics--It is with great pride that Bubbles the artist presents "Bubbles' Big Bite", her premiere line of handpainted dinnerware and fine ceramics.

Charred Love Letters via plep

il museo de suenos via riley dog

Too Young To Die ashtray via gmtPlus9

foto from a nail polish camera

The Experimental Party, "the party of experimentation," an initiative of the US Department of Art & Technology, is announcing a bold, new campaign to encourage "10,000 Acts of Artistic Mediation" across the nation and around the world in anticipation of the 2004 election. via consumptive

While we were at the Maldives, Pierluigi read one of Rifkin's books (claiming, by the way, that the Maldives will eventually disappear). Rifkin talked about the planetary importance of maintaining atmospheric equilibrium between oxygen and gas. He says that these necessary gases come from swamps and expelling animals. You know, farts.
Survival is not always polite.


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