Feb 12, 2003

everything except the ending

Pierluigi likes to rent videos. And I like the idea of watching them with him. Unfortunately, at some point, I usually fall asleep. So there's just tons of films out there that I've seen everything except the ending. Does this mean that I've been wasting my time?

I haven't been posting much lately because I'm trying to keep myself away from distractions--I've been working alot trying to finish Painted Drawings I started 13 years ago! I've already done 6.

Enthusiasm leads me to a myriad of ideas that I try to "jot" down. Sometimes I spend more time jotting than actualizing. It's a problem I've been trying to resolve.

Thinking about writing a letter?
mail art--RAY JOHNSON. The Name of the Game (11.01-09.03)
Ray Johnson (1927-1995) is perhaps best known for his use of the postal service as an artistic medium, which led him to develop a network of correspondents that grew into what is today known as the mail art network. This exhibition takes as its starting point the particular focus on proper names that run through all of Johnson?s postal activities. On the one hand the focus on names reflects the reality of a postal system that structures the world as a network of addressable individuals. On the other hand, his naming games serve to question the notions of communication and addressability that informs not only the postal system per se, but a whole modern culture shaped by the terms of this system. The exhibition, which contains a lot of material that has not been exhibited previously, is curated by Ina Blom . After Oslo, the exhibition will move on to the Museum Fridericianum Kassel, Germany (opening March 29) and the Museum Het Domein Sittard, The Netherlands (opening May 31). --The Futurists and Dada artists are often dragged in as progenitors for mail art, but until RAY JOHNSON (1927-1995) developed it as a distinct verbal-visual activity, from his early beginnings in the mid-forties, correspondence as art was incidental and does not warrant separate treatment as a distinct form of art--correspondence--Artistamp Gallery Ray Johnson--correspondence art of ray johnson--Johnson’s mysterious death in 1995 was the masterpiece that has earned him the recognition he couldn't bear during his lifetime. Four years after his suicide, a major exhibition of his work opened at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art, the country’s standard bearer of contemporary art--Depuis des années consécutives,J’ai communiqué avec RAY JOHNSON par la voie postale;cet élément spirituel a consolidé ma foi et mon respect des nouvelles idées dans ma carrière de création artistique--HOW TO DRAW A BUNNY fashions a biographical mystery tale from fascinating, often hilarious stories told by Johnson’s contemporaries--Ray Johnson gilt wegen derartiger Aktivitäten heute als Begründer der Mail Art--Ray Johnson, "Antonio Gaudi's Fingernails," mixed media on board, 15 1/2 x 15 1/2", 1973--The Ray Johnson show was opening in September--Ray Johnson American Correspondence and Mail artist. A Two-Year-Old Girl Choked to Death Today on an Easter Egg--Letter/Collage to George Brett from Ray Johnson (1977)--Hitchiker of Ray Johnson--LA TOAN VINH tribut for RAY JOHNSON --Ray Johnson Untitled (RAY JOHNS NOTHING) 1978 mail art 8.5" X 11" photocopy --WHO IS RAY JOHNSON?--A BRIEF HISTORY OF POSTAL ART --ray johnson, death art--Most people separate Ray Johnson from Fluxus--The following short story may illustrate that what appear to be simply Idiosyncrasies in Ray Johnson's work are sometimes many layered--in homage to RAY JOHNSON” --He is known as the "father" of Mail-Art. He worked within the New York --RAY JOHNSON: Albums: GONE--Nel 1962 un trasgressivo ed estroverso artista americano, Ray Johnson, pensò di dare all'arte postale un'indirizzo autonomo, estraendola dal movimento "Fluxus" di cui era uno dei tanti aspetti--FAKE RAY JOHNSON WEEKEND--Ray Johnson was the undisputed father of the modern mail art movement. From his opulent Long Island estate he inspired generations of networkers. His personal fortune stemmed from his invention of the unique line of instruments that bear his name--Connections Ray Johnson On-line/--Illogical as an Instructive Process:an Interview with Ray Johnson


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