Feb 17, 2003


i have a very large sketchbook. that's totally blank because personally i find empty sketchbooks very intimidating

self-handicapping is defined as an individual's attempt to reduce a threat to esteem by actively seeking or creating factors that interfere with performance as a causal explanation for failure. via non-harmful

art photography matrix

Ball Point Pen Art

Doodles inspired from photos of nekkid peoples via milk and cookies

back cover of the book THE GIFT

Against the Reality Project via Riley Dog

Pets with their heads in bags of food!

broken wrist project...artwork like that of pj fidler

you write things that break me apart and make me smile via living proof

...the synonym for poetry, in the Philippine Islands, is Syrup. All our poets are on the sugar standard. The Philippines are a sugar-producing country in more than one way from The Critical Villa: Essays in Literary Criticism via psychicpants

If you happen to have a pineapple on hand to eat, (and they are abundant and cheap during the late spring and summer months), then why not take a few minutes and grow your own pineapple plant from the discarded top?

YOKO ONO I have never been a Yoko Ono fan but I recently learned that she's signed over all of the royalties to Lennon's IMAGINE to Amnesty International. And for this she must be complimented--- interview with yoko ono re: amnesty internat'l--"Imagine" becomes theme for new Amnesty International human rights campaign --AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL “IMAGINE” Campaign --YOKO ONO 70.YEAR ONE OF PEACE 03.--Yoko Ono Lennon--instant karma--"Y E S YOKO ONO" --Yoko OnoInitiates New Peace Prize --Yoko Ono with 'EX IT' - installation


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