Apr 3, 2003

fatima's secret
The war still exists but so do I. So I'm back!
Here in Rome there has been some speculation as to why the Pope is trying so desperately to stop the war. Apparently, The Third Secret of Fatima indicates that there will be a major religious war that will throw the world into a state of Terminal Chaos.

The message of Fatima is a heavenly light and occasion of grace and salvation for the 20th century, a Message and an event unparalleled in Church History, the most momentous and important event of our time, which is still unfolding to this day....At present, there are satanic powers that seek to drag millions of souls to eternal ruin and the whole world to enslavement to Antichrist while various nations will be "annihilated", "wiped off the face of the earth"....This Secret is the key to avoiding that which Pope John Paul II at Fatima called "the almost Apocalyptic menaces looming over the nations and mankind as a whole."--Fatima's 'third secret' revealed--What is the secret? It seems to me that I can reveal it, since I already have permission from Heaven to do so--Text of The Third Secret of Fatima--The Fourth Templar Secret of Fatima --Nations will be annihilated as it was specifically predicted by the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917--Pope John Paul II said that the war against Irak "...constitute a threat to the future of all humanity." --Scholars Dispute Fatima Prophecy--Virgin Mary's end-time prophecies--The Pope Disappoints the Fatima Prophecy Faithful

culture and consciousness
1. thumbs up to some, up yours to others
2. A Danish girl went hitchhiking in Greece. A truckdriver picked her up and made serious advances. She cried out "neh, neh" and he smiled and said "neh, neh", too. But her neh was not like his neh because in Danish "neh" means no whereas in Greek it means yes.
3. Years ago on the island of Amorgos, I overheard the owner of a taverna speaking to his relatives. He told them about some Italians who'd ordered spaghetti and had complained that the spaghetti, not being al dente, was not cooked properly and thus insisted on going into the kitchen for a Pasta Demo. The Greeks, to be polite, calmly ate the spaghetti but, once the Italians left, wondered why anyone would want to eat Raw Pasta.
4. Bush says God is on his side and so does Saddam.

"The major and almost the only theme of all my work is the struggle of man with 'God': the unyielding, inextinguishable struggle of the naked worm called 'man' against the terrifying power and darkness of the forces within him and around him. The stubbornness of the struggle, the tenacity of the little spark in its fight to penetrate the age-old, boundless night and conquer it."
"Some crackpots search for God, thinking perhaps he lurks somewhere amid the branches of the flesh and mind; some squander precious life, chasing the empty air; some, still more pigeon-brained, think they've already found him and work on his compassion with their begging whines till their minds break from too much joy or too much pain. But others, great brain-archers, know the secret well: by God is meant to hunt God through the empty air!"
- Nikos Kazantzakis via whiskey river

LE BAISER DE LA GUERRE paintings via suds & soda

And is it true that French Kissing is now, in the States, a criminal offense?


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