Apr 21, 2003

mircrowaving your buns & your brains
When Chiara does her zapping gig in front of the TV, I always ask her to turn the volumn down because the abrupt change in sound frequencies radically affects me physically and psychologically.
As you can see by my previous entry and the long list of mind control related links, I've been highly disturbed by the Harlan Ullman related article and the idea that someone could manipulate my thoughts via electromagnetic waves. After having printed and read some of the linked articles, I'm overwhelmed. And concerned. For I would prefer to have my free will remain free.

Project Phoenix.
During the 1950's, John von Neumann, a mathematician and theoretical physicist from Budapest, was placed in charge of the Brookhaven's Project Phoenix, the goal being that of finding out how to protect humans within an electromagenetic field while travelling through space. This project was a by product of Project Rainbow and the phenomena encountered on the USS Eldridge during the late 1940's. Phenomena related to time-tripping.
Apparently humans have difficulties with electromagnetic fields that flip them thru different times and spaces because man is born with a "time reference" point that must be respected in order to maintain his Integrity.
In other words, man's energy (soul) being is completely different than is his physical being. If man is moved in & out of the quantum field, the soul is lost causing the physical being to exist in a constant realm of nighmare. The only knowledge I have of quantum fields is that of having seen Homer Simpson jumping around a mobile grid. But I do know, from personal experience, that the body and soul must exist symbiotically in order to maintain a healthy sense of self. Like Siamese twins that are not meant to be split.

Similar to Alice in Wonderland, many people involved in Project Phoenix experimentations fell into the vortex and never found their way out again.
Is it really possible that time travellers can alter the future?
And if a parallel universe actually exists, we may be, for some unknown reason, briefly shifted there and thus experience vertigo or deja vu.

The Project Phoenix was disbanded by Congress in 1969. But the scientists at Brookhaven, not wanting to abandon their research, offered their project to the military. Because they knew that the military could not help but be interested in a certain part of their studies-- that regarding the effects of electromagnetism on consciousness. In other words, the use of psychotronic weapons to control and manipulate the mind and thus arrive at A New World Order.

What happens to the concept of morality if someone else is controlling your mind?

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