May 13, 2003

still painting walls and scrubbing floors
Every morning I leave the house and go to my studio. On my Vespa. The traffic is animated and the road is covered with uneven san pietrini (square blocks of stones used by the Romans to pave the roads) that bounce you around. It makes the body feel as if it's in a blender.
Sunday we went to Paul McCartney's free concert at the Fori Imperiali. The night before he'd given an ultra-exclusive because ultra-expensive concert inside the Colosseum. Four hundred people paid to see him inside the Colosseum whereas over 400,000 showed up for the freebie outside. It was really something spectacular to see a nighttime concert with a well-illuminated Colosseum as a backdrop. And my compliments to Paul, 60 years old, who played for 3 hours non-stop on a hot sticky Roman night. He ended the concert with "Yesterday" and, for the kitsch delight of the Italians, "Volare".
For the Inside The Colosseum Concert, only the acoustic guitar was used to keep from having strong vibrations bring the Colosseum crumbling down.
Proceeds from the Concert for the Elite are to be donated to, in part, Adopt-a-Minefield.


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