Jun 27, 2003

Because of the excessive heat here in Italy, air conditioners and fans have been running nonstop. As a result, there's an excessive use of energy that risks throwing the whole system into tilt. The government's solution? Easy. Just turn off the power plants and force the citizens to conserve. Whether they want to or not. That's why yesterday, around 11 a.m. while I was waiting in line at the grocery store, all of the lights suddenly went off. Obviously, the cash resgisters non longer functioned and, after waiting around for about 20 minutes, the store manager told everyone to abandon their carts and leave the store. Once out on the street, there was total chaos because the streetlights had been turned off, too. Well, Italian drivers are not that mild mannered so you can imagine the screaming and horn blaring that went on. And that's why, instead of going on my Vespa, I took a taxi to the studio.
Be Here Now.

Flash Art.
The other day I recieved a copy of Flash Art (Italian edition) and read thru it yesterday evening under the ceiling fan that, luckily, was rotating. It's the number one contemporary art magazine in Italy and has an international edition as well. There's a special on the Biennale di Venezia and, well I don't want to sound like milk gone soured, but I find contemporary art today so boring. I'm much more entertained by things I find on internet. The past couple of times that I've been to the Biennale, I've thought : Why are artists so angry? Everything seemed so depressing. But, if you don't believe me, check out some of these links found in Flash: astunia galleria--Angel Orensanz: BURNING UNIVERSE --art communications--art link--en plein air--nicola trussardi foundation--Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin --GALLERIA MELESI --Futuro Associazione per l'Arte --gagosian gallery--Galleria d'arte Arturarte--niccola ricci gallery---galleria patrizia poggi--Galleria San Salvatore --Bergamo's contemporary art gallery--Gas Art Gallery presenta una personale di Andrea Fogli, Atlante. --MUSEO CASABIANCA -- Galleria LOFT ARTE --
Love Difference” is an artistic movement that calls upon directly the creativity in order to give a revived sense of the term "political", bringing new goals and practices to the politics itself. --marella arte-- maria carlini arte--al Laboratorio Museo di Città Sant’Angelo--niccola fornello gallery--Palazzo delle Papesse--paoloa curti & co--pierto costa arte--quadriennale di roma--spirale arte--studio tresorio--

Allworth Press publishes books telling artists how to become famous.Trevi Flash Art Museum presents art from China....one of my favorite links is Chinese Contemporary Art.

recent discovery:
DEMONSTRATION BOOTLEG LTD. art weblog.......In the art world today, the only collective trend which is forbidden is autonomy. The art world today has a certain sheik to it, a certain trend, fashion or perhaps vogue. Periodicals, fashionable galleries, internet sites-- all attest to this. Artists avoid the new as if it were a sick animal; 'expansion' and 'progress' are branded as meaningless, oppressive and arbitrarly higheracrhical concepts under misguided, juvenille interpretations of multiplicity, pluralism and free play employed by the artist. Aritists today implement and appropriate standardized images and ideas from pop culture as often as possible, 'high' and 'low' are nonsensical lies as are the energies they critically signify. To the Artist today famaliarity is good. Famaliarity (often synonymous with 'beauty') allows for the wolve is sheeps clothing effect. Remember Jenny Holzer, "USE WHAT IS DOMINANT IN A CULTURE TO CHANGE IT QUICKLY."

But now I'm off to do research for my latest project: ART FOR HOUSEWIVES.

jewelry from those old kitchen gloves--and something you can do with those old pantyhose--How do you combine Art and Pantyhose?--pantyhose art--pantyhose and white rice--duane hansen's housewife--
"Housewife Clip Art" --Indian textile designs for housewives--Dubuffet's beloved Art Brut Collections, formed exclusively from the "raw art" creations of non-artists, such as street people, hermits, factory workers, housewives and psychic mediums, motivated him to say: "Art is at its best when it forgets its very name." --housewife as artist--Housewife 'outraged' by dirty bed exhibit --The Harried Housewife's Universe is the collection of over 40 Harried Housewife images--"Zita and The Housewife"--
--Another Day of a Housewife--The quilts were truly works of art, designed by the artist housewifeI'm an American housewife. Some say sad, but not necessarily true. I've made it an artform. That's what smart women do. Rooms and halls, windows and doors, gigantic flowers in pots, flying carpets on floors, comfy big chairs, and tables that dance. That's what you'll find. As the saying goes, "It's all in the mind." --In 1969, Mierle Laderman Ukeles wrote a manifesto entitled "Maintenance Art—Proposal for an Exhibition," which challenged the delegation of housework to women. --The Dinner Party, which Chicago began alone in 1974, took five years and eventually the labor of over 400 volunteers to bring to completion. She meant this magnum opus to function both as a work of art and a pedagogical tool—a powerful symbolic representation of women's contributions to civilization, operating within the halls of a culture that had relegated them to the sidelines for over two millennia. You reach the "dining room" through a corridor hung with banners heralding its arrival in biblical language, like the advent of a divine vision. --the disgruntled housewife--Woman Made Gallery is a tax-exempt, not for profit organization which was founded in 1992. --Rubber Glove Finger Puppets--Nu-Life Rubber Glove Cleaner--The Rubber Glove Syndrome--Housewife Pinball Machine --Ndbele Ishogolo (Wedding Apron)--Apron and Art-To-Go Box. --The rubber glove theme in my work originated from the way I felt about my mother and her obsession with housework and my obsession with making and cutomising my own clothes. I decided to incoporate the two into my art.--Sunk into the gallery walls are three backlit slide images: a hand in a rubber glove in the mud, pins held in a woman's mouth and a historical illustration of lacemaking--Aprons immediately recall the coziness of Mom and home cooked meals. As an article of clothing they demurely protect the wearer by keeping her dress neat and tidy. They speak to me as shields of modesty. The Fast Food Aprons are about my sometimes "shameful" struggle with fast food and poor eating habits.--the stove burner gallery via coudal partners--SUBLIME STITCHING--
PENGUIN SWEATERS, n January 2000, an oil slick off southern Australia threatened the Phillip Island breeding stock of the world's smallest penguin. The little, of fairy, penguin stands 18 inches tall and weighs a little more than 2 pounds. The oil rendered the penguins' feathers useless against the cold.

Matilde Domestico--knitted tea cups--Shari Elf: Mixed Media --Weiner Boy & Shygirl--Twist of Fate --kitchen table--Cookie Cutter Shaped Like A Pig--The Toaster Museum --Untitled "Orange Car Sponge"--Home is Where the Art Is--Untitled Sponge Painting--


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