Jun 15, 2003

Yesterday was the hottest day in Rome in the past 200 years. I didn't go to the studio. Riding around on a Vespa in this heat with a helmet is not healthy.

In Pisa, Spinello Aretino's affrescoes are being restored with the use of a bacteria that eats dirt. This bacteria is left on the art for 12 hours then removed. Filth eats art and bacteria eats filth. Yin yang.
I had a friend, Anita, who worked on the restoration of the Parthenon. She told me that art often has to be restored from restoration. For example, after the Turks bombed the Parthenon, many of the columns were "restored" with metal clasps but these metal clasps eventually caused as much damage as did the bombings.

Underwater divers search for ancient remains. They say gold is the only thing that doesn't change with time.

Blandness is best when it's hot because Intense Emotions Are Heat. Remember Camus' THE STRANGER? The heat does not make me happy.......

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Camposanto--Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends --


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