Jun 28, 2003

sewing in the wind
Despite the heat, I try to think. About Art for Housewives. I have a box full of leftover fotos (bad compostion, out of focus, etc.) that I've tried to recycle by adding little embroideried touches (you know, I took a Homemaking Course in junior high!) You can find some examples here: cLICK
And I'm amazed at all the image orientated weblogs I've been discovering. New finds: Giornale Nuovo , Coudal Parners and Semi Compos Mentis.

see, too: scherer & ouporov for alternative ways of using fotos--barbara pucci's foto quilts--ART FOR HOUSEWIVES: Freddie Robins' subversive sweaters. fREDDIE is funny! he makes me gIGGLE--gIGGLE--gIGGLE--gIGGLE--gIGGLE--gIGGLE--

Shelly Goldsmith's woven pieces and expressive reclaimed baby dresses, overprinted with images of large-scale natural disasters--Fotos on Fabric--A roll of fabric, made up from items of clothing. The clothes are selfmade, worn, torned, and sewn together--jeannette van raaij--Photo sewed with golden thread--painting with plastic--Zexter combines portraiture with a painstakingly hand-sewn, textured surface--Photograph, Thread and Oil--Toothpicks, watercolour, thread and nails--Lynn Beldner's dresses--How To Know Your Heart's Desire-- Diane Li's paper dresses--more paper dresses--Paper dresses were all the rage in the Sixties as the industrialized world increasingly became a throw-away society. Disposable napkins, cutlery, handkerchiefs, lighters and diapers were already in use. Now you could get throw-away paper clothes, paper furniture, paint-it-yourself paper sheets, pillowcases, curtains, bedspreads, guest towels, tablecloths and rugs--more dresses--(Hand-made Paper Quilts) here --MIDORI TAJIRI SCHLEITWILER 's lunch bag dresses--Paper Doll Dresses ---pink dressess--more threads..more threads--Collaged mixed media, Paint, paper, fabric--and please see Julie Arkell, Cups here--more JULIE ARKELL--more.......Julie Arkell uses penguin books to make the paper mache. --lucy casson's tins---Recycled metal and tin --Lucy Casson--Donation Box by Lucy Casson --I am a scavenger and collector of discarded and lost objects. I am interested and influenced by a wide range of cultural images from both the past and the present which capture my imagination. --The ex hibition aims to rekindle childhood memories and to remind people of treasured items---Machine and hand embroidery, appliqué, wire, silk screen ---Adele Christie---

Before the Biennale, there was the home. Domestic arts came first.
Housewives sometimes are just artists in disguise.


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