Jun 17, 2003

visual appetites
Lately there seems to be a wave of new blogs that are visually oriented. Fun and stimulating. These seem to be the "oldies" of the new: Geisha Asobi (not really that new but apparently a trend setter) ,Sugar 'n Spice, Solipsistic (ex Speckled Paint)and Iconomy. They take your eyes on vacation.

Fiendish is the Word--Short Things (see the CALENDAR in gallery)--Indigo Blur (who introduces us to Marie evb Gibbons)----glubibulga--sublimate--cup of chica--amberglow--dublog--the eyes have it--

Today via Iconomy: They Still Draw Pictures (children's art)--Photology--wood turning center--ART BLOG--

oldies but goodies:
gmtPlus9 (who links to the Susan Haynsworth collages) --Consumption--spitting IMAGE --everlasting blort--boing boing--

scrubbles--Incoming Signals--sharpeworld (WOW, I can use his before and after museum as a point of departure for some recycling notes)--oblivio--GIORNALE nuovo--esthet photography--things magazine--artnotes--

a link making the rounds: the post it gallery and Herbals & Early Gardening Books via wood's lot
who's woods are these I think I know his house is in the village though

Infortunately, I may have left some out. The heatwave here in Rome is still heavy and my brain feels like an ice cream cone under the sun. Over 3,000 people have needed help due to the heat and there's problems with tourists who try to cool off in public fountains like Trevi Fountain, the Barcaccia at Piazza di Spagna and Bernini's la Fontana dei Fiumi at Piazza Navona.
sunbather via plep

For Susan: Decorating Martha Stewart's Jail Cell via idle type


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