Aug 30, 2003

still unpacking
Well, I'm back, physically, from my Vacation Habits. Back from hot sand, soft smells and seaside purification rituals.

At home.
After dusting of my computer, I found YOUR MAILBOX IS FULL! waiting for me. Spam (and its Increase your penis fixation) apparently does not go on holiday.

Vacation notes.
In Corsica, only the granite is pink. Most women go topless on the beach. Even those with Tired Tits. I've never understood this need for A Total Tan. The contrast between tanned and untanned skin is so much more erotic. You know, yin yang. Besides, without the contrast, you can't see how much effort has been made towards browning your body. No visual gratification.
And now, sitting here in my virtual bikini, I remember with slight nostalgia my morning walks in Sardegna and my evening swim off the cliffs of Isola Rossa.
Inlets as outlets.
A sandy path trapped in the Mediterranean brush led me and my friend, Elicriso's Smell, to a tiny pool of sea formed by the rocky coast and two little moonrock islands.
Or course I wore my plastic beach sandals (because of the sea urchins!) and my orange plastic floating board (tied to my waist with a long cord). Years ago while swimming off the Long Island coast, I was Swept Away by a current. It was a terrifying experience and the imprinting has remained. Just the sight of Dark Blue Water can make me queasy. And it's possible, while swimming, that I can suffer from unexpected panic attacks. But with my board floating behind me, I'm tranquilized. You know, making friends with fears.
I would like to be like those chubby Greek housewives who swim way out into the distance with their friends while talking away just as if they were taking a walk on a city sidewalk. They swim like frogs with their cloth covered heads bobbing in and out of the water.

Home again home again jiggidy jig.

Buon Giorno to my new friends: BLAUGUSTINE and Soul Food Cafe!

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