Sep 12, 2003

art on purpose
Aesthetics, in terms of physical attraction, helps keep the human race fornicating and thus keeps it alive.
Aesthetics, in terms of psychological attraction, keeps couples together and thus offers stability.
Personality reflects personal aesthetics. No personality, no aesthetics.
And like Diana Vreeland said: Bad taste is better than no taste at all.
Art, in terms of aesthetics, offers a form of pleasure because it stimulates the senses. You know, like foreplay. Aesthetics provide pleasure in Daily Life. That's why art makes life special.
And now we know why peacocks have tails.

Interior decorators.
Self-expression is important because it keeps us rooted to the self. To our inner being. And that's why many artists become such. To keep them anchored. Madness has often been associated with artists but for all the wrong reasons. They don't make art because they're crazy but, instead, to avoid going crazy. It's my way of reacting when there's more of me than there should be. You know, to keep me from busting at the seams.
Stress comes from external factors. From a contact with the external world that tugs us away from our sense of self. Self-expression just helps us keep ourselves glued together.

Art Brut makes the inside come out.

Painting your brain.
There is a direct relationship between artmaking and neurological activity. Artmaking starts off like a neurological need. A craving. You know, like when you have a hangover and keep hitting the water fountain. Artmaking changes your brainwave activity. Going from Beta to Theta. Like a mandala, it keeps your thoughts focused on art giving the psyche a rest. Because no thoughts are better than bad thoughts.
The purpose of art is survival. Emotional, spiritual, psychological.
The aesthetics of art is not only in the product but also In The Making.

Let's make life beautiful, she said.

Branching out.
Dendrites create neurological connections. Pathways from here to there. More dendrites means more options. Creative activity stimulates the brain and helps from new dendrites.
Keep your children healthy. Have them draw.

Her dendrites were fat, his were thin.

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Her imagination kept her company.

Have a good week-end.


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