Sep 29, 2003

blackout bis
Yesterday there was a total power failure in all of Italy. They say it's because a tree in Switzerland fell on one of the lines that imports power from France.
It rained,too, so it was like grey on grey.
Saturday night was Notte Bianca in Rome. Most all of the museums were opened as well as bars, shops, theaters. Even the Termini train station was transformed into a giant discoteque. There were over a million people out on the streets to take advantange of this special event. Then the lights went out and Notte Bianca turned into Notte Nera. All the subways and trains stopped running as well. And traffic lights, obviously, didn't function. Total chaos and no one, at the time, knew why.

To help the economy, the government has sponsored TV commericals encouraging us to buy, buy buy. You know, things like TVs, washing machines, dish washers, computers, etc. This summer, because is was so incredibly hot, everyone bought air conditioners. And, obviously, turned them on (so why else would you buy them?), Then we had the blackout in June and the government encouraged us to use these appliances as little as possible.Despite all the wonderful designs these objects may have, they'll never be Pretty Enough to have in one's home as art. Unless they function, there presence is useless. So why be encouraged to buy them?
However, there's still one thing worth buying--a battery operated radio. So the next time there's a blackout, I can turn it on and know why. It's not pleasant being in the dark about being in the dark.


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