Sep 16, 2003

conceptually consumed
Today, as a protest against such high inflation, consumer organizations have invited us not to shop for anything today including groceries. Wow, who knows what kind of exciting meals I'm going to come up with today.
The other day, when I wasn't feeling well and had a desire to eat a large bowl of minestrone, I went to Pommidoro's, a resturant near the studio (the last place Pasolini ate before he was murdered!). For some reason Anna, the cook, decided to converse with me and gossiped about some of the artists living in the area (they say that San Lorenzo will eventually become the Soho of Rome). One of these artists had invited her to an exhibition in his studio and Anna, standing in front of a huge black canvas with white brush strokes, asked the artist when he planned on finishing the painting. But it's finished, he said, you just have to look at the painting in the right way and its content will come to you. Anna wasn't convinced by this explanation so, the next time the artist came to her restaurant and ordered spaghetti, she gave him an empty bowl. Where's the spaghetti? asked the artist. It's there in front of you, replied Anna. All you have to do is just look into the bowl the right way and its content will come to you.

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