Sep 20, 2003

Kerouac's HAiKUS got me thinking. While reading his, I wrote mine. In the margins of the book. Writings on writings.
Haiku. Saying more with less. The way I'd like to live.
Haiku, the aesthetics of awareness. Of essence. Taking an ordinary event and turning it into poetry. In a mild-mannered way. Whispers and not shouts.
For Christmas, for those special friends, I'm going to make little books: haiku written with you in mind. Ten poems a person written on scrap paper like on the back of junk mail. A new context, a new life. Cutting not with scissors but with folds (deckled edge). Pages handsewn together. Cardboard covers. Maybe collaged with paper or well-worn fabric.
Waste not, want not.
And for Him, an embroidered haiku. Because he keeps me in stitches.
Homemade happiness.

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