Sep 18, 2003

happy haikus
Yesterday I went to the Anglo-American Bookstore near Piazza di Spagna hoping that a book I'd ordered had arrived. While waiting I, obviously, looked at other books. Now I have this serious problem with books--I buy more than I read. So I keep telling myself to look only and not buy. Unfortunately, a book I looked at kept looking back at me so I looked back,too. This exchange went on for awhile until, well, to make it short, I was forced to buy the book. The book was BOOK OF HAIKUS by JaCK Kerouac.
Some of the reasons why this book interested me:
* Kerouac and his friends used to have "haiku parties" where they'd sit
around drinking and smoking and speaking In Haiku
* Kerouac and two friends went On The Road travelling from San Francisoco to New York. They's make up haikus to describe the passing landscape from the car window (Trip Trap)
* Kerouac, in Keeping The Beat, related haiku to music like jazz and blues

American Haiku (Copyright 1959)--After reading Thoreau's Walden in 1954, Kerouac was intrigued by Thoreau's mention of Hindu philosophy, and Kerouac accidentally picked up The Life of Buddha--Look into the mirror. You have just captured the essence of what Jack Kerouac spent his entire literary career doing--kerouac book list--Dharma Bums --P>haiku----Pre-war Japanese American Haiku---
Composing Haiku <in English as a Foreign Language--The urge to write, to put our thoughts on paper, is like an involuntary, almost compulsive, act that takes control of our emotions--
The Worden Report--The Art of Compression in Haiku ---SUMMER HAIKU---
ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS--The Present Moment --A Zen Story ABOUT A CHICKEN DRAWING-- [Zen Story]-----Searching for the Bull (Zen Story)--Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values --Concentration - a Zen story--Zen and the Samurai

coming soon: HAIKU NEEDLEPOINT and Haiku for Housewives


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