Sep 4, 2003

painted plastic
I've been sick, in bed. Alone. Runny nose, sore throat, fever. Blah. But I've pulled myself together enough to post some of my Painted Plastic Bottles. Please visit them.
You know, don't you, how I've become so fixated with recycling. And art. Instead of consuming more materials, why not convert those Already Abundantly Available. If every household could reduce their household waste by 10%, I could tranquilly think about having grandchildren. One day. So, for starters, I've been conserving all my detergent and shampoo bottles (many thanks to my daughter, Chiara, and her friends for their participation, too).
I take these bottles, strip them of their labels, arrange them into compositions, glue them together, then paint them. You know, taking simple things and turning them into art. The poetics of the common place.

Naked plastic bottles grouped together make me think of Giorgio Morandi Gone Live. Morandi use to go to La Piazzola, Bologna's Favorite Flea Market, buy cheap bottles, wash them and remove their labels. Once they were anonymous, homogenized, abstracted, he'd line them up in various positions and paint them.

Bottle portraits.

Morandi's first real job was that of teaching drawing for elementary schools in his hometown of Bologna. Maybe it was from these small children that he learned to keep it simple. You know, the immediacy of the essence.

Like Cezanne, Morandi detached himself from current trends and, instead, devoted himself to the simplicity of smalltown, hometown live. He never went far from his studio at Via Fondazza 36 keeping himself well-rooted to his objectives.

Because. Because not everyone has the same objectives. In 1943, Morandi was jailed by the Fascists because of his association with the anitfascist art historian, Carlo Ragghianti.
Morandi's bottles, like people, changed their identity according to their positioning. His bottles are about rapport, one with the other. In painting mainly bottles, Morandi deliberately delimited his territory. But the large number of such paintings that he produced proves that you can go far even within restrictions. You know, extending the boundaries of confinement. Minimal can be maximal, like with ideals.

Still lives re-awakened. Are no longer still.

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and thanks to j-walk for this link: Detailed instructions on how to make a bed from plastic bags.

Just discovered: OVERFLOW...thank you Cody Clark.


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